Birthday Parties...

Wondering what to do for your child’s next birthday party?


Why not a Seung-ni Birthday Party!


2 Awesome Birthday party themes to select from:

Martial Arts or Nerf Dart Tag



Make your son or daughter the star of their own Seung-ni Birthday Party.  It is fun, easy and affordable.  Parties are available for all ages from 3 and up.  The parties are led by Seung-ni Black Belt Staff Members.  The parties are 90 minutes long and can be scheduled on Friday, Saturday or Sunday afternoons (depending on availability - so get yours reserved early).  The first part of the party is devoted to the kids having fun and getting a great physical workout based on the theme selected:


● Martial Arts:  It is a mixture of fun, high-energy kicking, punching and training drills that everyone will love.  The birthday child can wear their uniform and gets to demonstrate all his/her cool moves.  We play their favorite games like Taekwondo pinball, belt of doom, dodge ball and sword fighting.  We will also cover a personal development skill with the guests such as the “whining gets you nothing” or the “4 rules of focus.”  And the birthday child will even get to break a real wood board to amaze his/her guests.  This is a recommended theme for Little Ninja, Little Dragon and the younger Child Taekwondo Student.     


● Nerf Battle: The training floor is set up into a mock battlefield with great places to hide and spy.  The birthday guests are split into teams and provided with all the Nerf Dart Tag equipment (gun, darts, safety glasses and velcro vests).  Depending on the battle rules, for example they must devise a strategy to recover the other team’s flag or be the first team to obtain the objective without getting “tagged” by an opponents dart. Recommended for the older Little Dragon and Child Taekwondo Student.


After the martial arts training or Nerf action, the guests move to the lobby where tables and chairs will be set up.  At such time, parents can provide the guests with either food, snacks or serve birthday cake (nothing too messy please).  And, this is also an opportunity to open up presents if desired.  And, each guest will receive a free 1 week training certificate for classes at the Seung-ni Academy.  To schedule a party or for additional information please call the Academy.