Adult Taekwondo

● Beginning students will thoroughly enjoy starting their journey into the world of martial arts at Seung-ni.  Seeking increased fitness, improved flexibility, greater confidence and realistic self defense tools -- are just some of the essential reasons why Seung-ni students begin their training.  The black belt instructors are non-intimidating, informative and patient.  Seung-ni instructors are not there to show the students what they can do personally, but rather to help the students realize what they themselves can do!  


● The Taekwondo Program is a fun, high energy, core strengthening and complete body workout. From ground grappling to striking and from weapon defense to take downs, students practice in every arena of potential physical threat.  The belt system is very organized and allows a student to effectively track his or her progress as they proceed toward their black belt and beyond. 


● In addition, martial arts training not only greatly reduces stress and puts perspective and balance back into hectic lives, but it also is a great place to meet nice people who share common interests.  Those interested in starting training often bring a friend, family member or co-worker with them to try out the program and you are encouraged to do so.


● The self protection skills acquired build great confidence in the adult martial artist.  And, the ability to spend at least a precious couple hours a week focusing on yourself as opposed to just work and family is key to maintaining a positive mental state.  

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